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    Anna Aurelia Minev

  • Interior Architecture
  • BA
  • Tutor: Ville Lausmäe

KOIKU is a social service sleeping pod in public space in Tallinn, which offers temporary and safe shelter. It’s an additional option to shelters provided by Social Work Center services. As “Homeless in Tallinn 2020” research stated, there are 82 people living on streets, but only 60 beds in shelters. That is why current night shelters are overcrowded, especially in winter, and not all can or want to stay there.
KOIKU project will install 22 sleeping pods in different areas in Tallinn. Their architectural diagonal shape improves overall urban environment. Sleeping pods are warm during winter and cool during hot summer, bright and as spacious as possible. Their interior is compact and easy to use.
Since every city is changing all the time, KOIKUs can be transporter easily thanks to their small size. They are connected to public power utilities, which provide electricity, lights and floor heating to every sleeping pod.
Even though KOIKU is mainly for homeless, it can be used by anyone who finds itself in unexpected situation. Usage is regulated by respective lock system.