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    Anni Kõrvemaa

  • Interior Architecture
  • BA
  • The walls of your home
  • Tutor: Veiko Liis

What is the meaning of home? What are the walls of your home made of? Where have they been?

We live in an era when one of the biggest challenges for people is migration, leaving their “home” behind and adapting to a new one. Rebuilding the walls. Be it climate migration, escape from war, political reasons or the modern nomadic lifestyle, which requires a constant change of residence.

A good support system should be developed in the form of rooms to facilitate movement and adaptation of new spaces. Architecture must become not yours, not ours, but everyone’s. It has to be easily adjustable.

Taking into account the travelers and their relationship with the space, I wanted my work to be a starting point, which would provide a basis for working with the space in the future. My focus was on interviewing the nomads. In the course of the project, I talked with people living a nomadic life and studied their understanding of home, experiences and memories of arrival and departure.

BA Portfolio

Designing my portfolio, I focused on the possible change in time, loose ends, the idea of ​​keeping the portfolio not as a finished chapter, but as an inspiration and starting point for further development.

My projects are gathered in a box as booklets. Opening the box, you will first find the author’s position, which leads to a closer relationship with me and my works.

Download the portfolio to see it!