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    Anni Vallsalu

  • Accessory Design
  • MA
  • Product development of dog harness in the CLO3D sofware and in material
  • Tutor: Kirke Leinatamm | Consultant: Dagni-Alice Viidu DVM

This master’s thesis looks into the opportunities that are presented by the growing digital transformation in contemporary fashion design. It provides an overview of virtual fashion and using possibilities of 3D programs in the design process, with a specific focus on dog harness design and its key considerations regarding the dog’s body. The thesis discusses various terms that are associated with digital fashion, such as virtual environment, metaverse, and avatars, and examines the potential of dog fashion to move towards virtual fashion. It highlights some of the designers who are using 3D programs in prototyping and in product design while also showcasing brands and designers in the market who currnetly use 3D programs for virtual product transformation.

Furthermore, the thesis presents different designs of dog harnesses, evaluating their positive and negative aspects. It addresses questions of comfort using illustrative drawings, emphasizing the importance of comfortable harnesses for dogs and the need of the proper alignment of harnesses, and the areas on dogs’ bodies that should be avoided. Ultimately, the thesis develops two-point and three-point harness designs, utilizing the CLO3D program for patternmaking and 3D renderings, that are taken into finished products in material.

Two-point harness left side
Two-point harness left side 3D model
Two-point harness right side
Two-point harness right side 3D model
Two-point harness front
Two-point harness front 3D model
Two-point harness back
Two-point harness back 3D model
Three-point harness left side
Three-point harness left side 3D model
Three-point harness right side
Three-point harness right side 3D model
Three-point harness front
Three-point harness front 3D model
Three-point harness back
Three-point harness back 3D model