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    Kelli Puusepp

  • Interior Architecture
  • MA
  • Adapting to Shrinking in a Peripheral Area – On The Example of Orava village
  • Tutor: Jüri Kermik (PhD), Gregor Taul (MA), Mariann Drell (MA)

Several smaller and more remote regions in Estonia are becoming depopulated. The master’s thesis discusses the issue of the decline of peripheral areas. In addition, approaches the topic in a location-specific manner, focusing on the furthest region of Võrumaa, Orava village. The continuous decline in the number of students at Orava School has led to discussions about partially closing the school building. The aim of the research was to find one possible new conceptual spatial solution for the school building that would help to maintain local education in the first grade and preserve life in the area.