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    Rita Rebaine-Lonks

  • Ceramics
  • MA
  • Intentional Glitch – tableware for multisensory eating
  • Tutor: Ingrid Allik, Taavi Hallimäe
  • ceramics

Intentional Glitchtableware for multisensory eating, is a master’s project where, through deliberate mistakes in tableware, I embody sensory qualities while creating vessels. Subsequently, I research which multisensory properties – touch, sight, taste, sound and smell participate in the process of using the tableware. I reflect on whether the dishes with the glitch can also increase attentiveness while in use. 

The multisensory explorative practice on the pottery wheel. Photographs by Kristi Palm Anis

I disclose an attachment to my research objects, where I develop a relationship between the tableware and myself. I felt this connection as a force that brought my embodied mistake out of myself into the world. This is the beginning of the cycle for me and the vessels where food, with its own materiality, renews the multisensory experience.

Attentiveness of the glitches – through touch incarnates other senses. Photographs by Kristi Palm Anis