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    Triin Türnpuu

  • Contemporary Art
  • MA
  • Art is all around you. Remember – you can touch, not look!
  • Tutor: Ingrid Allik, Else Lagerspetz
  • Textile, ceramics, glass, metal, audio, oilpainting

I am researching the role of different senses in the lives of visually impaired and sighted individuals, as well as in the experience of art. In a visually oriented world, it is customary to say, “Look with your eyes, not with your hands!” Moreover, it is not common to touch art, which, in my opinion, leaves the experience incomplete.

Touching is a deeper and more personal experience that provides a better understanding of form, materials, and textures. If light is taken away as well, imagination has the opportunity to awaken, and a completely different world opens up for the hands-on viewer. It is a world that is created through experiencing and translated into the language of fantasy and imagination by the senses.

In the practical part, I create the opportunity to experience art in a dark room, allowing exhibition visitors to touch, listen, and smell objects, but not to see them. The artwork is not documented; instead, each visitor creates a mental image of their experience to take with them. If only those mental images could somehow be recorded…

Audiodescription of the painting “The Spell”